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The final version of Persian Engine released and there will be no update. Kindly follow "Wolf Engine", my next gen game engine, on the gitHub.

Persian Engine (codename Black Kitten) is a game engine developmed by Pooya Eimandar in order to use on Microsoft Windows Platforms and It is adapted for a range of video game genres.
The engine used by
BaziPardaz  ( An indie game studio ) in order  to create a game named “Master Chef”. 

Technical demo of Persian Engine

Watch video of MasterChef | Kinect Game Play

Videos of Persian Engine on Viemo


View album


The supported platforms are:

  • Windows Xp Sp3 and later versions

The new version of Persian Engine will be released soon for next generation of video games. We are hardly working on it ;)
Features :


  • Physics engine Integrated (Jitter physics).
  • Triangle picker
  • Usage reporter for system 
  • Light pre pass rendering.
  • Animation Mixer (Mix, Inversing and blending animation clips for each skinned character).
  • Dynamic types of Light (point, spot and Directional).
  • Dynamic cascaded shadow mapping
  • Dynamic skyDome  
  • bump, specular, glow and environment mapping.
  • Post processing and post effects such as types of Blur, Bloom, Glow, HDR, Negative and etc  
  • Ambient Scattering and much more ...
  • Particle System
  • Transparency
  • GPU Billboards
  • Hardware static Instancing
  • Event manager
  • Cut scene manager
  • Input manager ( supporting mouse, keyboard, gamepad and Microsoft Kinect) 
  • Types of camera (First person camera, chase camera, static, following curve)
  • Integrated With XAML and supports real time editor
  • Runtime content pipeline for editor (Integrated with MSBuild and Xna ContentPipeline)
  • Extended math helper 

You can use the editor and engine under this LICENSE.

Contact : Pooya {at} BaziPardaz {dot} Microsoft {dot} Com


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