The final version of Persian Engine released and there will be no update. Kindly follow "Wolf Engine", my next gen engine, on the gitHub.

Persian Engine (codename Black Kitten) is a game engine developmed by Pooya Eimandar in order to use on Microsoft Windows Platforms and It is adapted for a range of video game genres.
The engine used by
BaziPardaz  ( An indie game studio ) in order  to create a game named “Master Chef”. 

Technical demo of Persian Engine

Watch video of MasterChef | Kinect Game Play

Videos of Persian Engine on Viemo


View album


The supported platforms are:

  • Windows Xp Sp3 and later versions

The new version of Persian Engine will be released soon for next generation of video games. We are hardly working on it ;)
Features :


  • Physics engine Integrated (Jitter physics).
  • Triangle picker
  • Usage reporter for system 
  • Light pre pass rendering.
  • Animation Mixer (Mix, Inversing and blending animation clips for each skinned character).
  • Dynamic types of Light (point, spot and Directional).
  • Dynamic cascaded shadow mapping
  • Dynamic skyDome  
  • bump, specular, glow and environment mapping.
  • Post processing and post effects such as types of Blur, Bloom, Glow, HDR, Negative and etc  
  • Ambient Scattering and much more ...
  • Particle System
  • Transparency
  • GPU Billboards
  • Hardware static Instancing
  • Event manager
  • Cut scene manager
  • Input manager ( supporting mouse, keyboard, gamepad and Microsoft Kinect) 
  • Types of camera (First person camera, chase camera, static, following curve)
  • Integrated With XAML and supports real time editor
  • Runtime content pipeline for editor (Integrated with MSBuild and Xna ContentPipeline)
  • Extended math helper 

You can use the editor and engine under this LICENSE.

Contact : Pooya {at} BaziPardaz {dot} Microsoft {dot} Com


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